Let It Go!

photo(35)I’m going to Michigan tomorrow.  I’m so excited!  What would entice me to the midwest when it’s undergoing an arctic blast with frigid temperatures of 12 degrees?  Children and grandchildren, of course!

The prospect of seeing a dance class, making cookies and play dough, doing art projects (I packed my getting messy outfit), and playing instruments both real and imagined are enough for me to brave the cold.  Oh, how many times am I going to act out the supporting role of Anna from “Frozen”?  And, how many times am I going to get pummeled with pretend ice lasers or attempt to sing along with Let It Go, even though I don’t know the words?

There will be imaginative play and impossible-to-answer questions, bath and bedtime stories, building tents, sibling arguments and dress-up, and more dress up.  And, of course, love and hugs that defy description.  During my last visit, my three-year-old granddaughter set up a bus on the living room floor with pillows.  She was the driver and I was the passenger.  When I asked her where we were stopping, she said, “Starbucks.  We’re getting chocolate milk and a scone.”

I’ll be back in a few days armed with tons of pictures and new stories.  Until then…let it go!!!!!



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  1. Charlotte

    Have a wonderful time! I just know you will enjoy every second of your time there even if they have cold temps! Your heart will be most warm!


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