Learning from Plants

Did you know that plants feel? They react when a person comes toward them with a bad intention or when one approaches with love and kindness. These changes are recorded by Kirlian photography which measures the electrical discharge from an object when impressed with a high voltage field. Though some doubt the veracity of this process citing that it is merely recording the water content, others are excited about the possibility of learning more about the aliveness of plants and our connectedness to each other through extrasensory methods.

One study found that when a section of a leaf was cut off, the photograph showed it whole, implying that the energy and remembrance of the whole leaf prevailed. And, plants had preferences about which other plants and people were near them. Kirlian photographs of raw vegetables showed a more whole and integrated aura than those that were fried.

I learned this when I was at a friend’s house for a Fourth party and then did my own research. I went home and moved my plants around into new groupings and it feels really good! There is so much that we don’t know about the life experience. I really enjoy being open to new concepts and trying them out.

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