How Can Ayurveda Improve Your Health?

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system of India. It includes healing the mind, body and spirit through diet and lifestyle. Based on three doshas (or body types) and the seasons Ayurveda practitioners prescribe food and lifestyle alterations to heal diseases and maintain overall good health. The three types of constitutions are vata, pitta and kapha. Every person has some combination of these three. The value of knowing this is that when we feel that we are too heavy in one dosha, we can consume foods or modify behavior to increase balance and achieve optimal health.

I am high vata. That means that I have dry skin, thin body, am alert and quick to act, love change and constant action.  When out of control, I jump from one activity to another and am quick to insert my opinion.  The qualities of pitta are oily, tendency to like hot and spicy foods, do not have huge weight gains or losses, are excellent organizers and leaders and strictly adhere to their principles. They can be judgmental and perfectionists. When out of balance, pittas tend to express anger and criticism. Kapha constitutions tend to have large body frames, well-lubricated joints and organs, slow digestion, good memory, stable faith, enjoy sitting and sleeping, and have a calm, steady mind. When unbalanced Kaphas suffer from greed, attachment and laziness. Someone described the three doshas to me this way:  Kapha gives the party, pitta is in the limelight, vata says that she is coming but never shows up.

Why am I bringing this up? Yesterday morning when I awoke I started to make the bed, then before finishing making the bed on the other side I opened the shades, brushed my teeth and then checked the computer. I was aware of being easily distracted and jumping from one thing to another without finishing anything. It was a huge expenditure of energy. Knowing that my vata nature was out of balance, I did exercises to ground myself and be conscious of finishing one thing at a time. High vata energy is exhausting and depleting!

What do you think is your constitution? How could you benefit from enlivening a different dosha to bring peace, harmony and inspiration to yourself?

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  1. Shawna L Johnson

    Thank you for such a concise description of the doshas. I particularly liked the analogy of the kapha creating the party, the pitta the life of the party, and the vatta saying they will come but never show up. Being almost equal parts vatta and kapha, I shift from one to other depending on my mood (my diet?) and the circumstances.


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