Farmers and Mechanics

I was sitting in my acupuncturist/herbalist’s office waiting for my appointment when the receptionist asked me, “Do you know why Chinese doctors are likened to farmers and Western doctors are compared to mechanics?”

“No, why?” I answered.

“Because Chinese doctors sow the soil aerating and adding nutrients that create a foundation to support healthy growth. They water and weed and nurture the seed to become the fullest and strongest expression of itself. Western doctors fix a problem after it has occurred, cutting, re-attaching, dispensing medication to try to restore homeostasis.”

I believe that there is value in both. It is possible to attend to our health before something goes wrong by getting rid of the many toxins that we all have accumulated and supporting the natural flow of energy through acupuncture, various forms of massage, chiropractic and other modalities. Blockages of energy prevent the natural function of our organs.  On the other hand, there is definitely a time when the Western approach is needed through medication, altered lifestyle regimen or surgery. But don’t wait. Being proactive while you feel healthy just might keep you feeling younger, more energetic and vibrant.

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