Facing a Bully

Ellie's phone pictures 233This morning I received a nasty comment regarding my blogs.  It was a personal affront from someone who might have been an acquaintance.  It stated that only someone who has the finances could have an such an adventure and have the luxury of talking about it.  This person was angry and offended.


This person hid behind the anonymity that the internet provides for us.  It was a hurtful, personal attack whose only purpose was to let off steam and harshly judge.  This person could have stopped reading my blogs if they were offended, but he/she felt compelled to read them and make their criticism known.   A bully is a bully regardless of the topic.  A bully hides in the darkness and is energized at the chance to snuff out light.


Anyone who reads my writings has a choice.  They can interpret them as self-serving, self-indulgent musings or authentic and open sharing of ideas that are meant to inspire others, sometimes with deep questions and other times with levity and humor.   Introspection benefits everyone.   Raising your vibration and consciousness allows others to venture into their own introspection.  It creates a safe place for people to know that they are not alone in their desire for more peace and connection.


My writings are not about money.  It does not require money to think about how you treat others or whether you are closing yourself off to adventure and joy.  It does not take money to release past experiences that hold you bound and powerless.  It takes courage.  And, that is what I am writing about.  My courage, your courage and our willingness to move forward in the face of people who disagree, who are threatened or who need us to be rooted in familiar dynamics that no longer serve us.


This comment made me take pause and think.   I appreciate the opportunity to express my intentions with clarity, integrity and truth.  For those of you who choose to continue reading, thank you.  Welcome aboard!   I honor your courage and commitment.   It is with great joy that we move forward.

5 Responses to “Facing a Bully”

  1. Barbara Hinz

    I’ll keep on reading, and smiling and feeling courageous too! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Illana Raia

    It seems to me that your bullying commentator is, in fact, rich in his or her own right: rich in bitterness, rich in spite and uber-rich in cowardice. Your blogs offer a wealth of insight, creativity and expansiveness of thought – none of which has anything to do with material acquisition. If one of your readers missed that – their (significant) loss.

  3. Leslie

    LoveOn one hand I am surprised that anyone could read your blog and not appreciate your humor, your insight and your exquisite descriptions of your visual experience !! I for one, am feeling inspired and restless ! On the other,it reminds me that we have no control over how anyone interprets our words and actions I refuse however to waste a second in excusing, analyzing or interpreting the bully’s intentions, that does not matter.The last thing we want to do is give the person any power, they are insignificant, You did not deserve such a harsh response to your generous sharing of your experience. I look forward to your blogs and encourage and support you in continuing to share your journey ! I so look forward to every entry. Miss you!!!


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