Everyday Creating

photo (1)Every morning when I go outside I feel like I am on a camping trip in the mountains.  The cool, fresh air is invigorating.  Birds chatter from pinyon tree to tree.  A baby bunny munches on weeds peeking out from the gravel in my yard.  Grass is a luxury in this dry part of the country.  Yesterday a hummingbird hovered about a foot from my face.  I flinched first, and it flew away.

The movers arrived yesterday.  It feels good to have my things here…familiar and comfortable…like home.  I love setting up a new house and thinking of what my life will be like here.  Where is my quiet place to meditate or read in a snowstorm?  Where will I hang out with new friends?  Where will I write, draw or sculpt?  What colors are soothing or energizing?  It’s about creation, and I love it.  Sometimes I get annoyed that I have to eat and sleep when my energy is flowing and I am so inspired.  They get in the way of creating!


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