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Chatting Over Sangria

In between sips of sangria, my friend asked, “What do you like best about Santa Fe?” I expected myself to talk about the open sky and elegant mountains, friendly people and culture of inclusion, but without a moment’s hesitation I answered, “I found my voice here.” I shocked both my friend and myself with that… Read more »

Making a Hard Decision

Making the decision was the hardest part. Implementing it was easier. An old friend came to visit and as soon as he saw my sculptures in the garage, he said, “Let’s put them in storage right now. They don’t belong in your house. They are weighing you down and they don’t reflect who you are… Read more »

Disbelieving Reality

A friend called me with a problem. She had a physical ailment that, according to an article online, was irreversible. She was feeling hopeless. I reminded her that her research wasn’t conclusive. She said, “I can’t disbelieve reality.” “What you read is not necessarily reality,” I protested. “More things can be changed than we think.”… Read more »

GMO or Non?

Although there is much talk about consuming GMO versus non-GMO foods, many people do not understand exactly what it is or how it affects our bodies. I did some research to clarify the issues and would like to pass that information onto you. Genetically Modified Organisms or (GMOs) are organisms that have been altered for… Read more »

Learning from Plants

Did you know that plants feel? They react when a person comes toward them with a bad intention or when one approaches with love and kindness. These changes are recorded by Kirlian photography which measures the electrical discharge from an object when impressed with a high voltage field. Though some doubt the veracity of this… Read more »

Farmers and Mechanics

I was sitting in my acupuncturist/herbalist’s office waiting for my appointment when the receptionist asked me, “Do you know why Chinese doctors are likened to farmers and Western doctors are compared to mechanics?” “No, why?” I answered. “Because Chinese doctors sow the soil aerating and adding nutrients that create a foundation to support healthy growth…. Read more »

Not a Political Blog

This is not a political blog. If you have read anything that I have written over the past few years, you know that. This forum is about living – healthy living. Whether I approach it from an emotional, spiritual or philosophical view, my purpose is to bring up ideas that spark positive, creative thoughts and… Read more »

You Are Bigger Than Everything

One of my teachers said, “The reason why we feel worried or afraid is that we believe that everything is bigger than we are.” A common cold, relationship break-up or loss of job can debilitate us if we feel small in comparison. I have tried turning that around in the most ordinary situations by saying,… Read more »