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We Are Born Knowing

How does it happen that we spend much of our lives disconnected from ourselves, searching (we don’t know for what) but missing the mark? The most important part of being alive often remains elusive and distant. I believe that we are born knowing who we are. When my grandson was two days old he looked… Read more »

Two Themes; Two Melodies

Two themes keep coming up for me. One is about the importance of facing our demons – the learned responses from childhood and on that form the lens through which we view the world. Those experiences and the beliefs about ourselves influence how we react in relationships and what we expect from life. If we… Read more »

A Spontaneous Joy

Yesterday we had a snowstorm. It snowed all day and night and piled up the most snow that we’ve had in a long time. This morning I ventured out to go to the chiropractor. Just as I thought! As I backed the car out of the garage it got stuck and wouldn’t go forward or… Read more »