An Interesting Start

IMG_1300Today is the first day of my Santa Fe adventure, a one month exploration into a different part of the country…the Wild West with its craggy mountain peaks, arid red vistas, and Native American spirit. It’s strange how my first day felt very much like being on Long Island. When I woke up this morning, the light streaming in through my window didn’t reflect red mountains or bring in crisp, clean desert air… because I AM STILL ON LONG ISLAND! I forgot to make a plane reservation. Okay, it’s a little glitch. The adventure will start a day later. Or, has it already begun?

Anyway, I have so many questions. What will I do? Will I feel at home with the people? Will parts of me emerge that went underground long ago? Will I love the land? Will I be able to adjust to high desert? What is their culture, their community, their art?   I feel like there is so much that I don’t know about this venture. But, then again, I like being in that suspended state on the cusp of learning something new…excited to jump, my curiosity peaked, and my imagination running rampant.

I’ll write next week from Santa Fe. Maybe I’ll have some answers, or more likely I’ll have new questions that I didn’t even know to ask.

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  1. Barbara Hinz

    An open and loving heart is welcome wherever it goes, no need to wonder if you’ll fit in. You have so much to give and even more to receive. What a great adventure! Have fun!!!!


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