A Woman’s Voice

Just Lookin’ for my Missing Voice Close UpIt was surprising even to me!  In abstracting the female figure, I realized that several sculptures that I had made over the years had just a hint of a mouth, a mound where it would be but no distinctly formed lips.  What was THAT about?  Where was the place for my voice to enhance the beauty of my pieces?  Did I believe that it was superfluous rather than an integral part of my statement?  When did I become complicit in silencing my voice?

Childish rebellion burned from my core and scorched the clay in my hands.  Sitting in the studio with mirror in hand, I playfully sculpted intimate views of my mouth, working with passion and purpose until the embers were just smoldering…eight plaques in all.  Fellow sculptors walked by and giggled as I stuck out my tongue, pursed my lips in a grimace and a kiss and bared my teeth in disgust.  I was having fun as I sculpted a forum for my voice.

Never again would I co-conspire to be silent!  A woman’s voice is important.  Everyone’s voice is precious.

When I moved away from New York, I opted to leave that sculpture in my house.  I didn’t need it anymore.  I had faced my demon and vowed to honor my thoughts and feelings.  I didn’t need the reminder that I was free to speak from my mind and heart.  I brought that freedom with me while the sculpture stayed behind bringing a smile to someone else’s face.

Preserve your voice!   It’s important to me.   I hope that it is to you, too.  Please share!

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