Inner Joy

CaroRed Flower_cropline Myss, medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, says, “Every truth that finally wakes up in you will change the rules of your life.” The rules governing who we hang out with, how we relate to ourselves and others, and how we interpret our power are apt to change. Were those rules so perfect before? Do they still speak of you and who you have become from all of your incredible life experiences? The only constant is that things will change, whether we are onboard or not, whether we plan it or not, whether we resist it or not. Even though it might feel scary at first, creating new rules to accompany an awakened truth allows us to paint a new self-portrait with unprecedented potential and opportunity.

We often forget the truth that attaining things and pleasing situations is not the CAUSE of our happiness; it is the RESULT of our happiness. We say, “When I get a promotion, when I find the perfect love partner, when I lose 20 pounds I will be happy.” It’s the other way around. Happiness is the natural outgrowth of our carefully chosen thoughts and attitudes…our commitment to look inward before we look outward. The sheer excitement of having a new idea and imagining ways to bring it to fruition keeps us vibrant and happy. Then, when we are lost in the flow of this energy, we notice that wonderful things are presenting themselves.

It’s been nice sharing my Sunday with you. See you next Sunday for a new blog post.

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